the beginning...

I would love to say that the "Kart" was my idea, but that just isn't so.  Thing is food carts have been in my family for many years - starting with a simple sausage cart that my Dad ran over 25 years ago.  My Mom raised the bar when she turned it into "Kates Kart".  She was successful at proving that fast food can be great food and customers from literally all over the world have agreed!

Not wanting the story to end there, when my Mom wanted a change, I felt obliged to take on the family business and hopefully again raise the bar.

The Kart offers the same great food, plentiful servings and yes still more condiments than you knew existed.  

To our customers that come back year after year we thank-you and welcome you back. 

For those near and far that have never given us a try - the time has come!